Seilmakkersteech Facts
  • The Westra ladies sold the famous Woudsender Berenburg here
  • The secret recipe of the genuine Woudsender Berenburg still exists

The first building on the left side of the Midstrjitte was used, among other activities, as a baker’s shop. In the past, several characteristics reflected the wealth and status of the premises’ owners. One of those characteristics was, not only the presence of doorsteps, but also the number of steps. Number 71 obviously housed distinguished families at the time.

Off-licence of the Westra ladies

The small characteristic building at number 32 on Midstrjitte used to be home to an off-licence run by eccentric Westra ladies, who – until 1980 – sold the famous Woudsender Berenburg here, which was brewed according to an age-old family recipe. The Westra family also sold homemade lemonades, frizzies and mineral water. The electric lemonade factory was situated across from the shop on the Brouwersteech.

Rumour has it that…

Allegedly, the secret recipe of the genuine Woudsender Berenburg still exists and is said to be deposited in the vault of one of the descendants of the Westra family. By simply holding the recipe in their hands, it is said that anyone can reproduce the original Berenburg, but only in small quantities. A highly coveted find for all fervent Berenburg lovers that definitely puts Woudsend on the world map of strong alcoholic delights. The only problem is that we don’t know where the vault is. Neither do we know if it actually contains the sought-after recipe. Another rumour also claims that the ladies took the famous recipe with them to the grave…

The Seilmakkersteech